Disclosure Policy 

Crypto Asset Disclosure Policy

Last Updated: April 3, 2019


Ikigai Asset Management (together with its subsidiaries and affiliates and their principals, “Ikigai”) may purchase and trade crypto assets in private and public offerings, and on secondary markets.  This Crypto Asset Disclosure Policy (the “Policy”) is intended to inform the public about Ikigai’s interest in the crypto asset ecosystem as an active investor. 


1.     Interested Communications.  Ikigai may from time to time release articles, publications, podcasts, videos, and other communications (“Communications”) that discuss crypto assets and businesses that Ikigai has an interest in by virtue of holding crypto assets or securities, or by providing services to these companies or because these companies are portfolio companies in a fund to which Ikigai provides services.  If Ikigai creates content that references a particular crypto asset or business in the crypto asset ecosystem, Ikigai will disclose whether it holds an interest in the crypto asset or business in the Communication, either as an investor or service provider.


2.     Use of Ikigai in Marketing Materials.  Ikigai does not permit its name to be used in marketing materials, investor presentations or other publications, by third-party crytpo asset issuers, or any employee or principal of Ikigai, without first obtaining Ikigai’s prior written authorization.  Ikigai has authorized the use of its name for content contained in Kana and Katana, its quarterly publication.


3.     Portfolio Disclosures.  Generally, Ikigai does not disclose the names of portfolio companies in which the funds it manages invests, or the names of companies to which it provides other services, such as consulting services.  Ikigai may publicly disclose that it has made a proprietary investment in or is providing consulting services to a particular crypto asset or business.  You should not rely on these disclosures or any other Communication from Ikigai as investment advice or a recommendation concerning any security or other asset, or an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any security, product, service of Ikigai or any fund for which Ikigai serves as investment manager or general partner, whether existing or contemplated, for which an offer can be made only by such fund's confidential private placement memorandum and in compliance with applicable law.


Please contact us at hq@ikigai.fund if you have any questions regarding this Policy.